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Our organic cotton fabrics are soft but durable, without harmful chemicals.

Jersey: 95%organic cotton, 5% spandex


Organic cotton – the best for you and your baby!

Organic cotton is soft, breathing and it feels good against the skin. It is grown without using harmful chemicals and is therefore safe for your baby. It is without any doubt the safest choice for people suffering from allergies and/or have sensitive skin.

Organic cotton – happy and healthy life for farmers and their families

Organic cotton is grown naturally, using only traditional agricultural methods. The farmers do not use toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or other chemicals that are causing severe ecological problems.

Organic cotton – a well-deserved treatment of our ecosystem

No genetically modified seeds are used in growing organic cotton

Organic cotton farmers only use natural forms of weed and pest control. These environmentally friendly and safe methods make the soil healthier and more fertile.

Only environmentally friendly technologies are being used for the production of organic cotton. No chlorine is used for yarn bleaching and the fibre is coloured with the help of natural colours.

Additionally, organic cottons production requires 60% less water and 30% less energy compared to growing cotton the conventional way